Selected Raw Materials and 100-year-old Sourdough

Artisan expertise, in-depth knowledge of raw materials, quality, versatility, and unmistakable taste are the characteristics that make Martini Frozen your ideal partner, with a selection of baked, sweet and savory specialties that can satisfy all palates at any time of day, from breakfast to aperitifs.

The distinctive flavors of all of our products are the result of carefully selected raw materials. These valuable ingredients, combined with our adherence to artisanal processing techniques, ensure a wide range of products with exceptional taste.

For more than a hundred years, our sourdough has rested in an aseptic room, where it is refreshed daily. This secret gives our products aroma and acidity, allowing us to drastically reduce the use of brewer’s yeast, ensuring lightness, fragrance, and digestibility.

Multichannel: the best products for every sector

Large-scale retail and In-store Bakery
Even with multiple operators, Martini Frozen products are easy to use and guarantee consistent results.

Martini Frozen offers small cartons and references provided with EAN per package.

Pastry shops and Bakeries
We provide high-quality, highly customizable artisan semi- and finished goods. The selection is wide and ranges from sweet to savory.

All our products will be extremely simple to use, even for less experienced staff, and incredibly versatile so that they can be managed rapidly or without an oven.

From breakfast to dinner, the extensive selection covers all moments of consumption with complete, versatile, and customizable products. We can provide the technical assistance necessary for product preparation, presentation, and use, but also the equipment for handling the product.

Food Service Channel
The single-portion and pre-cut formats in the Martini Frozen line are characterized by their simplicity of use and consistent results across operators.

Street Food
Our products have high-service content. The range includes a wide selection of pre-baked goods that only requires a microwave thawing or plate.

We provide tailor-made products for private labels with reduced batches developed from raw materials.

Top Service: our answer to new needs

Today’s rapidly changing marketplace presents us with new challenges. Martini Frozen adapts its Top Service offerings to meet evolving customer demands. This proposal is characterized by:

Packages containing fewer pieces

Packaging with a smaller size

Trays that are practical to use and suitable for every operator

High flexibility

In addition, our products have a high level of service, are practical and convenient, and guarantee the utmost safety and hygiene.


Both the pursuit of high-quality standards and the ongoing improvement of the environmental impact of every action taken to produce and market products represent a priority choice at every level for Martini Professional and Unigrà. As is clear from the certifications we have attained, we firmly believe in compliance with regulations, the philosophy of continuous improvement, and the motivation provided by external evaluation.


Food safety standards
Since food safety has always been a top priority, we have adopted standards recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative and obtained the two certifications as part of a proactive strategy.


Unigrà is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. The association advocates for and establishes standards for both the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage of the local population as well as the conversion of tropical forests into palm plantations.

ISO 14001:2004

Our ongoing motivation and focus on improving environmental performance affect every aspect of what we do. Thanks to this approach, Unigrà has achieved important milestones such as minimizing atmospheric emissions, reducing water and energy consumption, and improving performance in waste collection.
icona rainforest


Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation working at the intersection of business, agriculture and forests. Its goal is to create a better future for people and nature by making responsible business the new normal.


Ethics certification
Obtained with certification body ORTODOX UNION


Ethics certification
Thanks to this certification issued by HCS (Halal Certification Services), the Company ensures the availability of products suitable for Muslim consumers.

ISO 9001

Quality management system
We have adopted this international standard since 1998, and it is an effective tool to manage business processes and flows.