Since 1982, Master Martini has been the partner of pastry chefs and bakers

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High-quality raw materials, semi-finished and finished products, selected and manufactured to enhance professional productions.


Discover Master Martini's solutions for Pastry and Bakery.


The Master Martini Burro range is made with high-quality raw...

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We put all our know-how at your service. By following our experts' recommendations and recipes, you will discover how to make the best use of Master Martini products.

The Master Martini offer

The excellence of Master Martini’s offer is a result of the extensive expertise of Unigrà, a pioneer in the supply of oils, edible fats, margarines, and semi-finished goods for more than fifty years.

Our Master Martini catalog is extensive and varied, able to meet the needs of bakers, chocolatiers, and confectioners.
High-quality standards compliance, standardization, safety, control, and monitoring are the cornerstones of production.

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