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A wide range of products designed for master ice cream makers as a result of expertise in processing raw materials and producing semi-finished goods.


For the customization and flavoring of ice cream, a complete range...


The new line of flavoring pastes and variegates for ice cream making...


Here are the Martini Gelato toppings: chocolate, caramel, black...

Coatings and Stracciatella

Fluid creams at 26°/28° C, at ice cream temperature (-12° / -14°)...

Raw materials

In addition to Aymara cocoa, milk powder, hazelnuts, and pistachios,...


Powdered and pasteurized bases for every taste and preparation need....

Recipes and tips

We put all our know-how at your service. By following our experts' recommendations and recipes, you will discover how to make the best use of Master Martini products.

The Martini Gelato offer

Thanks to iconic lines, such as Brunelle and Cioccolato Aymara, a relentless pursuit of excellence in each flavor, and an innovative drive, Martini Gelato is the ideal partner for master gelato makers and artisan ice cream shops.

In this line, you will find versatile, easy-to-use, high-quality products that meet all the needs of professionals who want to increase the value of their ice cream creations and satisfy a wide range of consumer tastes.

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