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Brunella CROK cocowafello

A soft, almond and white chocolate cream with wafer and rapè coconut inclusions.

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Lactose-free 500 base

Ideal for mixing with lactose-free flavouring pastes, especially those high in fat.

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Lactose-free complete base

Ideal for lactose-free stracciatella-flavoured, variegate or other white gelato favours.

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Lactose-free Aymara cioccolatte

The first READY TO USE base to make lactose-free chocolate-flavoured gelato!

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Smarty Nature Base

Base for dosing (330 g / kg of mix)
Base with NATURAL FLAVOURINGS ONLY to make non-pasteurised gelato.

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Neutral slushy

This product is meant to be used with professional slushy machines but can be used for manual preparations too. It is our professional solution to prepare a mouthwatering neutral slushy that can be enriched with endless toppings, syrups or ready-for-use flavourings.

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Ready to CRUMBLE

7 crumbled shortbread preparations with rice flour, all gluten-free.
From traditional ice cream, to parfaits, to soft ice cream you can add a touch of originality to each of your creations!

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Brunella CROK Cereals

Brunella will win you over with its exquisite hazelnut flavor and unmistakable cereal crunch. A mouthwatering gluten-free novelty.

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