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Black Licorice Complete Base

For ice cream with an intense taste and black color! A complete base designed to prepare a tasty black licorice ice cream. To enhance the flavors and color, variegate with Black Kiss.

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Hazelnut IGP Langhe Paste

Only the best IGP hazelnuts, cultivated and chosen in the center of Piedmont's original Langhe region, are used for the production of the hazelnut paste. Without any flavorings or emulsifiers, PIEMONTE IGP LANGHE HAZELNUT PASTE is natural. The intermediary roasting procedure that enhances and extracts every delicate taste of this exceptional hazelnut is skillful and accurate.

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Colombia Monorigin Coffee Base

The complete base for the production of coffee ice cream with an intense flavor. Made from selected, high-quality single-origin Colombia raw materials, it is 100% Arabica.

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Pine Nut Diamond Paste

This intensely flavored variegate is characterized by the presence of whole pine nuts, it is recommended for 'Crema Antica' (Italian egg cream) flavored ice cream or to make pinolata (cream with pine nuts).

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Salted Peanut Diamond Paste

A paste with unique, delicious, and natural flavor, thanks to the selection of ingredients: 100% peanut paste and Cervia salt, without flavorings and dyes.

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Macchiatone Parfait

A delicious parfait created with the original recipe's ingredients and 55% cream. It is possible to produce creamy and light parfait ice cream in tubs due to the product's exceptional quality, versatility, and ease of production.

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Crock Crispy Brunella

Brunella will win you over with its tasty hazelnut flavor and unique cereal crunch. A delicious gluten-free novelty.

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